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I am not a person who complains; bad service, bad product, waiting in line forever - not a problem. I understand that there are usually things going on behind the scenes that explain poor decisions and performance. I have not felt the need to express my distaste for a company before.

That said, I am very upset and disappointed with the decisions your network has made regarding the Tonight Show. The decision to put Jay Leno on during the local news slot was foolish from the start. How did your analysts not catch the huge gaping error there?

That was a bad enough, but what you decided to do next was absolutely terrible. Conan has been in his new slot LESS THAN A YEAR, yet you have decided it isn't working. How can you consider him a failure already? You let him go on with bad ratings for years and years as host of 'Late Night', yet leave him no time to adjust for 'Tonight.'

It's not just Conan who is hurt, of course; it's his entire staff, crew, and writers, each of whom put their trust in you and moved across the country in the good faith that NBC would provide for them.

More than that, you are disrespecting and disrupting the legacy of "The Tonight Show"; a flagship of television that has been pleasing audiences for more than 60 years.

I understand that you have to make financial decisions for your company, but this is far too cold-hearted and abrupt for your audience to forgive. I find your behavior disgusting. Please consider the serious damage this move has on your image in the eyes of your audience. Give Conan, his staff, and his crew more time.

I can assure you that my family and I will stick with David Letterman from now on. Conan was my favorite thing on NBC. The Office and 30 Rock are both flagging and there is nothing else I am interested in on your network. I will certainly not give any of your new shows a try.

My viewership is only a very small part of the losses you will experience as a result of this decision. Please reverse your stance and issue a hell of an apology to all parties involved.


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