Feb. 23rd, 2006


Feb. 23rd, 2006 06:02 pm
I'm almost done with my exhaustive re-reading of Harry Potter. I got distracted by an idea and started opening up the other books to cross-reference stuff, and I was astonished with what I found. I have lots of other major things still to work out about Snape, but this is one theory I am absolutely convinced of. Because I believe this is canon, I would advise you not to read this if you want to be completely surprised by Book 7.

And tell me, Mr. Potter, where I would look if I wanted to find a bezoar? )

Edit: So I started looking around on the Internet, and it turns out a lot of people already figured this out and support this. I started looking around a little more, and there are exhaustive concordances of everything Harry Potter related already. Worst of all, it seems like everyone and their mother adores Snape. I thought my love for the Potions Master was unusual, and that maybe nobody had taken the time to try to figure him out. I hate liking the characters that everyone else likes. I hate thinking that I'm just another Snape fangirl. I suppose that's the truth, though. Oh well though...he's still special to me, and I can pretend it's in a different way. T.T


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